How May I Help You?

I am creating a free training for aspiring entrepreneurs on how to gain the confidence and clarity to finally make their dream business a reality. I would like this training to be the absolute best. It will be offered to you for free but I need to know exactly what you want to learn. I need … Continue reading How May I Help You?

Today We Lost a Great One!

Kobe Bryant was legendary! We are the same age and I practical grew up and witnessed his entire basketball career. Watching him throughout the years achieve all his accomplishments and moving forward to create a lasting legacy with his writing, media company and basketball training camp helps to remind you to always be great while … Continue reading Today We Lost a Great One!

My Personal Lesson in Goal-setting!

Why You Should Consider Changing Your Plan and Not Changing Your Goal? Have you ever decided to stop pursuing your dreams because the plan you had didn't work? Well, I'm here to tell you that most times things do not go according to plan and yet you can still have a great outcome and even … Continue reading My Personal Lesson in Goal-setting!

Have You Picked Your One Word?

Have you Pick your ONE Word?Of course with every new year there are resolutions, goals, vision boards etc., but one thing I make sure to establish each year along with all the others is my ONE word. Your ONE word will help to give you clarity and help you to focus on your overall being. … Continue reading Have You Picked Your One Word?

Is Sisterhood Crucial For Success?

Behind every successful woman is a sister friend or circle that support  and pushes her to be her best. Oprah has Gail, Kelly Rowland & Beyonce,  La La & Kim Kardashian to name  few. Either way they all have their sister circle.As an introvert I love keeping to myself so sisterhood is foreign to me. I … Continue reading Is Sisterhood Crucial For Success?

Are Your Goals On Track For 2019?

We are beginning the 3rd quarter of 2019. My time is flying ....... Are you still tracking your progress? Are you on target for your 2019 goals? Half of the year is officially gone but there is still time for you to get back on target. Here are 2 questions you should be asking yourself … Continue reading Are Your Goals On Track For 2019?

March Is Here!

March🌸 is here! This is last month of the first quarter of 2019 plus its “Women’s” Month! 💃🏾 Ladies it is time to represent! Time to go after those goals, make that impact, change some lives and your pockets. Ladies, use this season to re-valuate your goals, your action steps, analyze what’s going great and … Continue reading March Is Here!