Creating Your Exit Plan

Photo by Cedric Fauntleroy on If you have been considering leaving the bedside to start a business or currently stuck in your side business then there is no time like now to get your  strategy in place to meet your goals.  Use your current job to fund your dreams and for travelers take some … Continue reading Creating Your Exit Plan

Three Things Holding Most Entrepreneurs Back

Are these 3 things holding you back from starting your business or consistently executing your business goals?❌ You lack clear direction and strategy ❌ You may have a negative mindset keeps you stuck❌ You lack of structure and organizationMost new entrepreneurs don't realize that these 3 things keeps you second guessing yourself, uncertain of your next … Continue reading Three Things Holding Most Entrepreneurs Back

Find the Best Business Idea That Fits Your Skills and Expertise.

Find Your Genius Masterclass Tuesday, September 14th 8pm ET So alot of people have asked why I created Find Your Genius... and the story behind it. Of course, I’m all about helping you get great results with your online business. That's my #1 goal! But my commitment to helping career women create a profitable online … Continue reading Find the Best Business Idea That Fits Your Skills and Expertise.

Boy Did I Mess Up!

Hey there! I was just sitting here reflecting on my teenage years when I became a teen mom at 17. I went through so many emotions, thoughts, self-doubt with lots of uncertainty. I could have let this one mistake determine the whole trajectory of my life for better or worst but I came to realize … Continue reading Boy Did I Mess Up!

Your Greatness Awaits You!

Your next level depends on you sharing your greatness. Stop hiding !!

How To Jumpstart Your Start-Up in 10 Weeks?

Get The Right Start For Your Online Business! Hey there, I am offering a 10-week workshop that will take you step by step to launching a business that actually makes revenue. It's time to silence that belief that tells you that money discriminates because it really doesn't. The simple road to financial freedom is being … Continue reading How To Jumpstart Your Start-Up in 10 Weeks?

Three Ways To Make Your Money Grateful!!

Incorporating gratitude into your financial plan opens up doors for you to make better money decisions. When you embody a sense of gratitude with your finances you’re not: making decisions out of lack,You're able to be more generous andYou will make better financial decisions. This pandemic definitely had a financial impact on millions of people in … Continue reading Three Ways To Make Your Money Grateful!!

Is Gratitude Good For Your Overall Wellness ?

Gratitude is the appreciation of what is valuable and meaningful to oneself. Experiencing gratitude, thankfulness, and appreciation tends to foster positive feelings, which in turn, contribute to one's overall sense of well being. Wellness is not just made up of your weight and image. Wellness comprises your mental health, physical, and spiritual health. Wellness also includes … Continue reading Is Gratitude Good For Your Overall Wellness ?

What Relationships Are You Grateful For?⠀

What relationships are you grateful for? Spend some time reflecting on them.⠀⠀The holiday season is the best time to get together share food, fun, laughs and create memories with friends and family. This is something to be grateful for.⠀⠀Although this pandemic is placing restrictions on our normal gatherings, be creative in connecting. Whether through phone … Continue reading What Relationships Are You Grateful For?⠀

Who Is In Your Circle?

How you spend your time is very important, but what’s even more important is who you surround yourself with. Take a moment to analyze your circle and ask yourself self these questions: Do they motivate you? Can you learn from them? Do they inspire you? If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, then … Continue reading Who Is In Your Circle?