What Does Freedom Mean To You!

Happy 4th 🎆 Of July ! What does Freedom mean to you?⁣⁣For some it’s the ability to come and go as they please, the ability to spend money without checking their account, the ability to not work a 9-5 etc. At one point freedom for me was working one high paying job as a nurse!⁣⁣But … Continue reading What Does Freedom Mean To You!

How To Jumpstart Your Start-Up in 10 Weeks?

Get The Right Start For Your Online Business! Hey there, I am offering a 10-week workshop that will take you step by step to launching a business that actually makes revenue. It's time to silence that belief that tells you that money discriminates because it really doesn't. The simple road to financial freedom is being … Continue reading How To Jumpstart Your Start-Up in 10 Weeks?

Have You Picked Your One Word?

Have you Pick your ONE Word?Of course with every new year there are resolutions, goals, vision boards etc., but one thing I make sure to establish each year along with all the others is my ONE word. Your ONE word will help to give you clarity and help you to focus on your overall being. … Continue reading Have You Picked Your One Word?

New Month, New Game plan!

Happy November! It’s a New Month! My favorite season is fall and it's a great opportunity to shed some things and make some changes. 🍁 . I struggled the last quarter with my time management. I realized that in order to ensure that I finish this quarter strong and have great momentum heading into the … Continue reading New Month, New Game plan!

Is Sisterhood Crucial For Success?

Behind every successful woman is a sister friend or circle that support  and pushes her to be her best. Oprah has Gail, Kelly Rowland & Beyonce,  La La & Kim Kardashian to name  few. Either way they all have their sister circle.As an introvert I love keeping to myself so sisterhood is foreign to me. I … Continue reading Is Sisterhood Crucial For Success?

Happy Independence Day! 💥

💥 Happy 4th Of July! 💥 🇺🇸 Today is a day we celebrate with BBQs, fun, fireworks, family time or maybe even a day to just kick back and relax. Take a moment today and reflect on your FREEDOM! What does FREEDOM mean to you? Are you free of fear and self-doubt? Free from worrying … Continue reading Happy Independence Day! 💥

How to overcome negative thoughts and achieve success?

Happy Monday! The mind can play some serious tricks on you. It can cause you to doubt your ability, power and your dreams! . Here are 3 tips for keeping your mind right and goals tight: . 1. Read!! Knowledge is key. The more you know the more you grow. As you gain more knowledge … Continue reading How to overcome negative thoughts and achieve success?


If your beliefs are made up of your constant thoughts, then can you think your way to success?? YES! Your beliefs determine who you become. If you are constantly thinking about lack, your insecurities or inabilities...... "I am not successful enough" "I can never make that kind of money" "I don’t know enough people" "I … Continue reading CAN YOUR BELIEFS DETERMINE WHO YOU BECOME?

March Is Here!

March🌸 is here! This is last month of the first quarter of 2019 plus its “Women’s” Month! 💃🏾 Ladies it is time to represent! Time to go after those goals, make that impact, change some lives and your pockets. Ladies, use this season to re-valuate your goals, your action steps, analyze what’s going great and … Continue reading March Is Here!

What are you waiting for ????

Al s we are slowly approaching 2019, one thing which was confirmed so far this year for me is that “Tomorrow isnt promised”. It’s time to stop putting off your ideas, dreams and goals because you think you have time. No more working 60 hours a week plus an additional 15 hours in commute wishing … Continue reading What are you waiting for ????