I Have A Big 🗣 Announcement!!!

Hello There!It’s Women’s History Month!It’s the perfect time to announce that I am featured in the  launch of my girl Angela Solomon's history-making podcast Two Moms Talk! Two Moms Talk is launching tomorrow TWOsday, March 16 on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TOMORROW.I am so excited to share my story and how you can overcome life's obstacles, … Continue reading I Have A Big 🗣 Announcement!!!

What To Do If Your Startup Idea Already Exists??

Hey She-EO Nerissa Solomon Malloy, Mindset is everything when it comes to starting and growing your business. Once you believe that there are too many people doing the same thing then you start to believe that there’s no room for you hence you don’t move forward with that vision.⠀⠀I’m here to tell you that there … Continue reading What To Do If Your Startup Idea Already Exists??