How To Stay Productive When You Feel Like You Can’t Do It All? ….Part 3

So last week we spoke about Prioritizing your tasks and the week before we stated that Balance doesn’t exist.

Lastly, this week we will discuss It’s OK to say NO!

You can not manage your tasks effectively if you have more ASAP tasks than time in a day. It’s not cute to be busy and broke. Your goal is to be productive. Saying NO will Free you from over committing yourself and It will also release you from any additional menial tasks.

Accept the fact that you may disappoint someone because you are saying NO and prioritizing your tasks and time. You can’t please everyone, or do everything and you should not try to. Again your goal is to be productive and not overwhelmed and therefore some tasks will also be missed. It’s ok!!!

For the record, you will drop the ball like I did with forgetting to feed my 7 y/o dinner but guess what…its alright and she is still alive. Lol Don’t be too hard on yourself. Once you accept that there is no such thing as balance, prioritize and manage your tasks and understand that some things will not get done you’re on the road to success.

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How To Stay Productive When You Feel Like You Can’t Do It All? ….Part 2

So last week we discussed Balance and that it doesn’t exist. This week we will discuss the second step which is to Manage Your Tasks.

You have so many priorities but you can’t do it all and do it successfully. You must, must, must, manage your tasks and not have them manage you. I found that using the strategy below helps me to be more productive.

Prioritize your priorities in 3 categories :

1. Must complete ASAP. These are the things that absolutely must get done and have immediate deadlines.

2. Must complete this week. This is truly the beginning of managing your tasks. If it doesn’t have an immediate deadline but must be addressed then prioritize those tasks then schedule it on your calendar to complete that week in order of priority.

3. Not Now but near future. These tasks need to be done but are not pressing nor have a deadline. Keep it in your to do list to revisit as time permits.

My kids know if they want something they can’t ask once…they have to remind me because if it’s not a priority at the time it may get lost in all the other Not Now’s in my mind so I make a to do list to go back to.

This strategy helps to set my intentions for the day and week and helps to ensure I am successfully completing what’s important. Stay tuned for Part III next week…

Until Then

~Nerissa 💋

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How To Stay Productive When You Feel Like You Can’t Do It All? Part 1

So Number 1……the word BALANCE is severely overrated. There are so many articles and trainings out about balance but I’m here to disappoint you and tell you that it doesn’t exist.

Yeah i said it……there is no such thing as BALANCE. Get it out of your mind, it’s ok, it doesn’t exist. Stop trying to achieve the unachievable instead manage your tasks, in which we will touch upon later.

I for one as a nurse leader, with a successful home based business, kids in sports and dance, a Hubby with needs, plus serving in ministry and a job-profit Board didn’t even have a chance to comb my daughters hair some Sunday nights.

I can never forget one evening I came home and started working on my business and personal stuff. My husband attended his church ministry and came home after 9p and my daughter came downstairs to greet him and asked “mom what’s for dinner?”. He looked at me, I looked at him and he said “ Ahhhh so you didn’t feed my daughter”……..OOPS! We laughed it off and he graciously made her a sandwich.

I tried for so many years trying to figure out how some of these successful women manage a family, spouse, business, fashion, fitness, ministry and not miss a beat. They make it look so easy but often don’t show the chaos behind the scenes like the ones in my home……organized chaos. Lol

Stay tuned for Part II next week…

Until Then

~Nerissa 💋

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Get Ready For Your Next!

I heard something great this week that just made me shift my focus. Often times we go through situations where we feel like we are not making any progress. You look at your current situation and feel like you’re in the same place, and stuck. You feel like you even have taken a few steps back. You’re looking around you and seeing successful people doing great things and wondering when will it me my turn. Your experiencing all the ups and downs in your business and career and fell as if you are moving backwards.

Let me encourage you today……think of your journey like a slingshot! Those steps you are taking backwards and the discouragement is the stretching and pulling that God is doing. He is pulling and pulling and stretching and pulling and guess what’s next?

He is getting ready to release. What happens when you pull a slingshot all the way back and release…… propel forward with FORCE!

Imagine…..God is stretching you to propel you forward. This is the only way for you to accomplish what he has set in your heart to accomplish. That release will propel you to your next level because of how far back he had to pull and stretch you.

Just know that you are propelling forcefully into your next season, allow yourself to be stretched so that God can move you. Just be patient!

Until Next Time

~Nerissa 💋

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Tips to make it through the heat wave!

If you are on the East Coast then you are definitely experiencing this 95+ degree heat.

Here are a few tips on how to make it through this heat wave

1. Avoid alcohol and sugary beverages! These extremely dehydrate the body

2. Eat fruits and veggies. They have natural water in them which can help to maintain hydration.

3. Stay indoors in a cool area as much as possible. Do most of your activity after sundown if possible.

4. TMI……… but monitor the color of your urine. The darker and more concentrate it is the more water you need to drink.

5. Of course…..Drink lots of water to prevent being thirsty. Signs of thirst may be signs of dehydration. Water is also good for maintaining body temp and circulation. If water is bland try adding flavors to your water. I use Mango Passion Hydrate in my water to not get bored with it. This not only quenches my thirst but provides me with the essential nutrients and electrolytes I need that I lose throughout the day through this heat wave.

Click Here to try some Hydrate for yourself and ensure you are staying hydrated through this heatwave and rest of the summer.

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~Nerissa 💋

40 Day or 40 Year Goals………What Will it Be For You?

In the Bible there is great story about the Israelites and the promise that God gave them. A promise of prosperity in a land of milk and honey. This journey was supposed to take 40 days but instead it took 40 years. One important thing is that during the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness God still provided quail and manna.

Check this out…..God has promised you something, he knows it will take you some time to finish but it is taking much longer because of your lack of faith, uncertainty and fears. You will not take a leap of faith, go full force to achieve what God has promised because you are comfortable with the provision. Just like the Israelites, God is still providing for you as you wander in the wilderness.

He has great things for you but you’re still satisfied in the wilderness. What will it take for you to receive the promise of prosperity in the land of milk and honey? What will it take for you to blow through those goals and the vision God gave you?

He just doesn’t want to provide for you, he wants to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ask or think but……….your comfortable in the small provisions.

Don’t allow yourself to take 40 years to accomplish what God has promised you in 40 days.

Here are three things you can do now to accomplish your goals timely:

Have Faith – You don’t need a lot…the size of a mustard seed can move a mountain. As long as you have it make a decision to move forward to accomplish your goals.

Take consistent Action- Faith without works is dead. You must take consistent action in faith knowing that if you take the first step God has the rest. Be consistent.

Take the land- Act as if you have ready received it. What does it look like? How do you feel once accomplished? Who will benefit the most and what will they say? What will the testimonies be? Who will you become in the process.

Again, your 40 day journey should not take you 40 years. Just like the Israelites, you are fully equipped and have everything that you need to be successful and accomplish your goals.

Take Action Now!

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~Nerissa 💋

Are you making every day count?

So we all know that are days on earth are numbered and we don’t know when that time will come. In order to progress successfully through life we need to make every day count.

Whatever your goals, dreams or desires are, you need to work on it everyday. Tomorrow isn’t promised. The question is, if that time were to come tomorrow what will your legacy be? What will you be remembered for? What did you accomplish?

Proverbs 6 says:

“Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider its ways and be wise! It has no commander, no overseer or ruler, yet it stores its provisions in summer and gathers its food at harvest.”

‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭6:6-8‬ ‭NIV‬‬

The little annoying ants we see at picnics are gathering food and saving for the winter months. These tiny creatures can surely teach us a lesson about preparing for the future. They are busy working for the later not for the immediate gratification. Just as the ants are preparing for later, you should too.

What should you be working on daily in order to see great progress and success later? Finances, health, debt, business, etc.

Hey you probably never even thought about leaving a legacy and that’s fine too but people will remember you for something………what will that be?

Until Next time…..💋


Get out of your own way!

So I am having a real talk transparent moment.

I have some goals set in place and action steps and  I have been procrastinating on taking action.

I have allowed self-doubt to dominate and let negatives thought tell me ” You cant do it like them, or you have to do it like her”. I got so caught up with these thoughts that I became paralyzed. Not physically, but in my path to success.

Have you ever felt stuck? Felt like you have no direction or clear set path? Felt like you need to make a move but you’re incapable? That was me so I did what I knew best……stay comfortable and take no action.

It happens to the best of us! The good thing is that I had a conversation with a really close friend of mine last weekend.

We talked for about 45 minutes and after that convo I felt like an idiot. She didn’t down talk me at all but made me realize how equipped I truly am and that God has placed this vision in me and therefore GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY AND DO ME!!

I could laugh at myself now for how silly I was being and how simple it was to change my thought process. Truth is , that It is so important to have great friends and counsel in your corner to help you get out of your own way. Often times we know exactly what to do but need that persons to hear us, then nudge or push  off of the ledge to get it done.

Do you have a close friend, coach or mentor that helps you to get out of your way?

I implore you to make sure that you have one if you don’t.

It saved me a lot of headache.

Until Next Time 💋


Best Advice Ever…

Have you ever heard the saying what you focus on expands?

Yeaahhh it’s true. Whatever you spend a lot of your time and energy on will grow.

Take a minute and focus on where or what you spend your time on. If it’s in the gym you see your results, if it’s work then you will see results there.

Here is the thing……are you spending time on the right things?

Worrying, stressing, partying, spending, procrastination, or service, learning and growing, health and wellness, family, investing, good relationships?

Take a moment this evening or before you go to bed to reflect on what you spend your time on and see if there is a need to make some adjustments.

It may be time to refocus!

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Until Next Time

~Nerissa 💋