Do you feel like you have no idea where to start In you business?

Get Clarity. Get Results. Jump Start Your Success Join The PUSH Program 🎯 Today is the day.....Are you ready to take action and start your business or get that business going but you don’t know how? You’re fired up, you’ve made the decision to grow your own business...... Some of you are already working towards that … Continue reading Do you feel like you have no idea where to start In you business?

Why The Time Is Now?

Photo by KoolShooters on Let's fast forward to New Year's Eve; how do you want to feel as we crossover to 2022?It could go two ways.You're either excited that you finally took the leap, and you're well on your way to creating the business, income, impact and independence you've always wanted.ORYou're feeling guilty once … Continue reading Why The Time Is Now?

Find the Best Business Idea That Fits Your Skills and Expertise.

Find Your Genius Masterclass Tuesday, September 14th 8pm ET So alot of people have asked why I created Find Your Genius... and the story behind it. Of course, I’m all about helping you get great results with your online business. That's my #1 goal! But my commitment to helping career women create a profitable online … Continue reading Find the Best Business Idea That Fits Your Skills and Expertise.

I Am So Excited!!

The Inspiration Show Hey Nerissa! So we had an amazing time on The Inspiration show discussing the common myths that are preventing women from starting and growing their business along with the importance of :*Knowing your WHY*Clearly defining your success*The trap of comparison syndrome.Carve out some time to listen here. I would love to hear from you.  Would you … Continue reading I Am So Excited!!

No Business Experience? You Can Still Start A Successful Business.

If you can do a thing you can surely teach a thing !⁣⁣So I’m here to tell you that experience is different for everyone and that there are different levels to expertise which equips you to start a business to coach and consult others. ⁣⁣If you are :⁣ ⁣Competent - have a good working knowledge, … Continue reading No Business Experience? You Can Still Start A Successful Business.

What Does Freedom Mean To You!

Happy 4th 🎆 Of July ! What does Freedom mean to you?⁣⁣For some it’s the ability to come and go as they please, the ability to spend money without checking their account, the ability to not work a 9-5 etc. At one point freedom for me was working one high paying job as a nurse!⁣⁣But … Continue reading What Does Freedom Mean To You!

Boy Did I Mess Up!

Hey there! I was just sitting here reflecting on my teenage years when I became a teen mom at 17. I went through so many emotions, thoughts, self-doubt with lots of uncertainty. I could have let this one mistake determine the whole trajectory of my life for better or worst but I came to realize … Continue reading Boy Did I Mess Up!

Your Greatness Awaits You!

Your next level depends on you sharing your greatness. Stop hiding !!

How To Jumpstart Your Start-Up in 10 Weeks?

Get The Right Start For Your Online Business! Hey there, I am offering a 10-week workshop that will take you step by step to launching a business that actually makes revenue. It's time to silence that belief that tells you that money discriminates because it really doesn't. The simple road to financial freedom is being … Continue reading How To Jumpstart Your Start-Up in 10 Weeks?

I Have A Big 🗣 Announcement!!!

Hello There!It’s Women’s History Month!It’s the perfect time to announce that I am featured in the  launch of my girl Angela Solomon's history-making podcast Two Moms Talk! Two Moms Talk is launching tomorrow TWOsday, March 16 on Apple Podcasts and Spotify!DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN TOMORROW.I am so excited to share my story and how you can overcome life's obstacles, … Continue reading I Have A Big 🗣 Announcement!!!