Voted “least likely to succeed” in middle school, Nerissa beat the odds and diminished all stereotypes that accompanied becoming a teen mom at the age of 17. 

This self-doubt had to be uprooted and as she did the inner work to create her success.

Now, Nerissa Malloy is a Registered Nurse by day and Business Success Strategist for women (especially my fellow nurses) by night.   

She helps women become SHE-EO’s  by clarifying their business idea and expertise to boldly  launch and grow a purpose driven business without sacrificing time and energy to secure their financial future.You deserve to create more impact, independence and income  without stress and burnout  ladies 
Nerissa is a mom, wife, and a Sagittarius ️, born and raised in Brooklyn NY and her parents are Caribbean- Guyanese . She loves to dance to reggae and soca music and  FYI, The 90’s had the best music and the best memories. 
She released her first book, “ 7 Step Guide to Master Unshakable Success” where I share my story on how I shattered my fears, self doubts, overcame teen pregnancy and other obstacles  to design and  live my definition of success and how you can do it too.
Nerissa’s business is based on helping working women and nurses who are retiring in 5, 10 or 15 years or simply want to retire early, turn their existing skills into a successful online business. No longer should you let others define what your success should be nor should you allow life circumstances to hold you hostage from the quality of life you dream. 
It’s time for you to reshape your mind to See, Think and Achieve Bigger! Awaken Your Purpose & Start that Business you have been pondering on for way too long. You’ve got skills and expertise that people are willing to pay for.
I’m here to tell you that starting a profitable business of yours is possible for you, too!

Nerissa’s mantra is that your BELIEF in yourself is the first key to your success.

Book Your 15 minute Biz Breakthrough Session Today.

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