Don’t you hate weeds? (If you have a garden, you’ll know!)

Don’t you hate when weeds start to take over your pretty landscaping?

I have no green thumb but I know I needed to grab my gloves and go outside and uproot those weeds before it kills the healthy flowers. It’s kind of hard to notice because they blend in with the greenery and shrubs, so I had to examine them closely.

The same is true with those negative thoughts that try to take over and stop you from operating and moving towards your best self. If we don’t look sharply, we might have some thoughts that pop up in our minds that sit there and grow eventually…

“It’s too late to start”
“I cannot do it…”
“I don’t have the ability to start my own business”

Can you relate? If yes, go and pull out those negative thoughts in your mind! Recognize that those thoughts are not serving you, and uproot them! Then, do it again. Because. it. will. come. back!

Get your mind right, think positive thoughts, and be ready to become your best self as you transition to become the business owner that you’re dreaming of. Hope this inspires you today!

Right now, I’m looking for a small number of women in healthcare (nurses, healthcare leaders and experts) who want to take their education and expertise to leap into business ownership and create an additional income stream as a coach, consultant, educator in the next 90 days.

If that’s you, click here to schedule a call with me and let’s talk how you can do it.

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