How to Define Your Business Idea

Be a Nursepreneur!

“DEFINE” is the first step in my 3-step framework for starting and growing a successful business. This process is crucial for helping you to gain clarity and confidence in yourself and your business.

Once you can define what your business is, what your purpose is, and what your gifts and talents are, you can move forward. Defining your business idea encapsulates a lot of different areas because it’s different for everyone. You might be someone who has tons of ideas but doesn’t know what to choose, or you might be someone who has defined your gifts and talents but doesn’t know how to monetize it.

Either way, you just need to make a decision. Pick one. There are so many resources, coaches, and guides that are available but you can still be stuck. It’s on you, you can only do one at a time successfully. Make a decision to move forward.

Once you’re ready, define your strengths, gifts, and talents. Believe in yourself, you have so many skills and gifts and there are many people who are ready to pay you for your brilliance. You are already an expert. If you need help with this, I’d love to help you identify your gifts.

Lastly, you have to define your purpose. What is your Why? What’s your objective? Who do you want to serve and why do you want to serve? Your purpose will be reflected in all the aspects of your business. Remember, this is not a hobby, we’re not playing here. You are making an impact. You are doing this for yourself, your future, and your family.

Defining your business idea is just the first step. Yes, Google University is there, you can get all the tips and tricks there. But you have to invest in something that will provide accountability, strategy, support, and a clear roadmap of where you are going. You don’t have to spend years learning how to create your business. 

My Unshakable Success Program is an 8-week all-inclusive package designed to get you up and running with your new business in no time or the strategies to grow your business.

This 3- step framework will teach you how to:

  • Define – get clarity on your business idea, niche, and target audience
  • Design – your business model, business plan, and more
  • Deliver – create a strategic plan for profits, marketing, and execution with accountability

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