Fast-Track Your Business Goals – Get Clarity Now!

Its the beginning of Quarter 2! Are you in position to hit your goals this quarter?

Here are three ways to fast track your business goals this year inspired by Memphis Bleek.

  1. Mind Right 

As an entrepreneur, especially nurses and healthcare workers, it’s important to understand that having a business is a totally different venture than your 9 to 5 or your hospital shifts. Unlike being an employee where you trade your hours for dollars, entrepreneurship depends on the energy you put into your business to attract money.

Entrepreneurship will help you value your time more and will help you develop your personality. Remember, business is 80% mental, 20% strategy.

  1. Money Right 

For you to be really successful and be profitable, you should invest in your own development and your business. Put your money in the right places – your own growth. Get a business coach! Buy that book! Upgrade your computer! Make sure you and your tools are ready for business scaling.

  1. Be Ready for War (Spiritually, Mentally, and Physically)

Once you step into another venture, you need to be ready. The new level brings a new devil – that’s why it’s important to wear your spiritual armor to be able to fight any obstacles and negative thoughts you might encounter. The enemy wants you to give up, doubt your capabilities and quit – what will you do?

You are fighting for your legacy, you are fighting for your freedom and for change, you are fighting to be a good role model for your family! Don’t let the enemy win, believe in yourself.

Now’s the perfect time to fast-track your business goals this year and beyond! If you’re looking to get clarity and support to launch or growing your business, schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation call with me and lets discuss ways we can work together to structure your business and be fully equipped for war.

Here is to your success,


~Nerissa 💋

Change is inevitable, change is unpredictable, and change is constant. Be open to change  

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