Creating Your Exit Plan

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If you have been considering leaving the bedside to start a business or currently stuck in your side business then there is no time like now to get your  strategy in place to meet your goals. 

Use your current job to fund your dreams and for travelers take some of that travel money and position your money to work harder for you that you do for it.

If you already have a business, have you considered adding coaching or consulting as an additional income stream?

🚫Coaching isn’t regulated, 🚫doesn’t require any degrees and certifications and your experience qualifies you to coach and consult.

 If you can help someone solve a problem and achieve a goal then you’re paid!  Think of your coaching and consulting business model as your Nursing Care plan…. 


  • First you make an Assessment
  • Define the problem
  • create an action Plan,
  • help Implement the plan then,
  • Evaluate the outcome. 

If you can do this in nursing you can do this for other individuals and companies in your coaching and consulting business. I’m sharing this and more at the Idea to Income Challenge-Create Your Exit Plan.

The class is February 2-4th at 8p EST.  

Make sure to click the link to register and don’t miss out on how you can pivot from bedside burnout to a blissful business.

Here is to your success,


~Nerissa 💋

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