How to Go From Ordinary to Extraordinary?


Going from ordinary to extraordinary means you are living with gratitude.

You are spending your days excited about your life and your future. You are living from a place of love, enthusiasm, and gratefulness.

The seeds of discouragement cannot take root in a grateful heart.

Celebrate every win that happens no matter how small and be extremely grateful for them.

When you stay grateful you are focusing on what is going right in your life and not whats going wrong. Shield yourself from the attack of the enemy by remaining in a grateful state.

There is much to be thankful for, and so many others that don’t get the same opportunities or simply don’t take advantage of them. The opportunities are there for everyone, but many don’t take them as they are afraid of doing that little bit extra and they don’t believe they deserve it.

Being thankful that you were able to overcome , and being enthusiastic in the fact that you can show others how easy it can be creates a space for you to be extraordinary and of value.

You can be the light that helps them find the way to their dreams becoming a reality, simply through your testimony.

Being grateful contributes to you being extraordinary.


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One Proven Secret to Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur


One major factor in becoming a successful entrepreneur is to basically  have the idea or outcome that will make a positive difference in the lives of  other people.

A business is simply that……… What problem are you solving? What or How are you making a difference? Are you impacting lives, adding value, serving?

You can make a  huge difference in the life of an individual or this world regardless what your business is. Think about how a restaurant owner can have an impact in his business by setting the right culture for customer service. The boutique owner can make women feel beautiful with her  clothes and  by including special thank you notes with all her orders.

Take a moment to ponder about your business, the purpose and how you intend to make a difference with your business. What is 1 special and unique thing you can do stand out, serve, or make someone special.

Review your mission, vision and actions to ensure it aligns. Then take the necessary steps to ensure you are on the right path.

Much Success !!

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The Power Of Community.

iStock-HappyWomen_619531868 (500 x 334)

I was working 20 hours a day, gained about 40 pounds. My husband didn’t like me and my kids didn’t know me. It was all about me and my goals.

I didn’t feel good, and I was completely losing myself by overdoing it.

It was fun for some things, but unsatisfying at the end of the day.

We were born to connect. We were born to communicate together. Not to be lone wolves work more than we sleep or to be on our own.

This world is about coming together and creating something beautiful together.

You are not going to make the impact and leave a legacy by constantly going at this alone.

Everything changed when I started to work on personal development and leave the lone wolf attitude behind.

Which is why community is a large part of what I do.

You get to share ideas, network, and celebrate wins with positive minded achievers.

Who are you connected to?

What tribe are you in?

Is your circle holding you accountable to your next level?

I am looking for a tribe of ladies that are looking for a community to win, be transparent, accountable to their success and more.

Let me know if you are interested and can benefit.


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