Are you in your zone?

There are so many ways in which you can use your gifts and talents to be helpful and efficient. Do you know what environment that is for you ? Are you operating in your zone? Is it your job, business, ministry, event planning, the kitchen, decorating, etc? By not operating in the environment that you … Continue reading Are you in your zone?

Is Fear holding you back ?

As an entrepreneur fear alters our mindset. It gets in the way of our thoughts and actions which in return reflects in our business. It has been said that fear is the opposite of faith, and that is true. We can't live in faith and fear at the same time. Fear paralyzes us and keeps … Continue reading Is Fear holding you back ?

Join Us March 17th in DC.

Hi Ladies! Have you fallen off track from your 2018 goals? If you are looking to regain clarity, a clear direction, and an overall new perspective on your goals for 2018 then this is where you need to be. We will help to reinforce why you need a strong spiritual life, provide some business building … Continue reading Join Us March 17th in DC.