Would you have fear??

Would you have self-doubt??

Would you be doing what you are doing right now or living your dreams??

Too many people I speak to day in and day out have those 2 things in common :


That used to be me, just stuck, sick and tired of the same old routine…. 2 jobs, not enough time with the kids, rushing through their homework and missing events, chasing status, and back to work on Monday’s to do it all over again.

I wanted more for myself and my family. I wanted more meaning and didn’t get that from chasing status. I️ had to push past my fears and build the courage and strength to Do and Be different from what I saw around me. That’s where the fear and self-doubt always kicked in and prevented me from doing something different but I overcame.

What are you willing to do different? What can you accomplish knowing that you already have the power?

Comment below and start taking action believing that you have the Power within you to achieve anything!

Share with a friend that needs to hear this.

Until next time….

~Nerissa 💋

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