How to Define Your Business Idea

"DEFINE" is the first step in my 3-step framework for starting and growing a successful business. This process is crucial for helping you to gain clarity and confidence in yourself and your business. Once you can define what your business is, what your purpose is, and what your gifts and talents are, you can move … Continue reading How to Define Your Business Idea

Get Over the Gap from “Knowing” to “Doing”

You might be feeling like you're struggling with how to execute your goals.Are you ready to make the second half of the year the most profitable yet? So what does it mean to be "stuck"? When you’re stuck, you know what to do, you have a plan, you do the marketing, and you have complied … Continue reading Get Over the Gap from “Knowing” to “Doing”

May 12 is International Nurses Day!! (Happy Nurses Week)

Happy Nurses Week!!! As a profession, we’ve been going through A. LOT. in the past years in the pandemic - dealing with vaccination woes, short-staffing, burnout, and feeling undervalued. And we all deserve a big round of applause. Actually, this is my first Nurses Week where I am no longer working in an institution so … Continue reading May 12 is International Nurses Day!! (Happy Nurses Week)

Feeling stuck in your business? Learn why…

Many people feel stuck in their business - and it’s dangerous. As entrepreneurs who are responsible for our own workflow and process, it is important to be resourceful and tactful when it comes to getting unstuck.

Fast-Track Your Business Goals – Get Clarity Now!

Its the beginning of Quarter 2! Are you in position to hit your goals this quarter? Here are three ways to fast track your business goals this year inspired by Memphis Bleek. Mind Right  As an entrepreneur, especially nurses and healthcare workers, it’s important to understand that having a business is a totally different venture … Continue reading Fast-Track Your Business Goals – Get Clarity Now!

Make History This Month

Its Women's History Month!! No time like now to to do the unimaginable and create your own history and become an entrepreneur. If you're ready to start your own biz? Here are three skills a successful business owner must have… Be an effective communicator As a business owner, your success at getting your point across … Continue reading Make History This Month